Welcome to Kikili!

Kikili Enterprises is owned and run by Henri Tatham and Kokila Harindra.
Kikili Enterprises offers everything from beautiful holidays and accommodation in Sri Lanka, to hosting and arranging your wedding ceremony, to fine shirts and professional party decorating.
You name it – they can do it!

Henri moved to Sri Lanka 10 years ago to manage The Taprobane Collection – an exclusive group of villas and hotels in the South of the island.
Koki was born and grew up in Galle, and has a unique knowledge of the area and the country.
Koki’s specialist and detailed knowledge combined with Henri’s enthusiasm and love of life make them the perfect hosts for your time in Sri Lanka.

Together, Hen and Koki have launched KIKILI HOUSE as an innovative creative, colourful, calm, homestay in the Heritage town of Galle in southern Sri Lanka.

Kikili means “Hen” in Singhalese, and Kokila  “Cockerel”-  they are obviously a match made in heaven!

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